Starting July 19th, we plan to allow clients inside the building. Until then, we will be remaining curbside.

Dear Valued St. Francis Animal Hospital Client—

As of May 14, the CDC has lifted its mask mandate for vaccinated people.  For businesses like ours, this creates many challenges as there is no clear roadmap on how to handle “getting back to normal.”  Believe us when we say, we have missed you so much, and we cannot wait to open our doors to you.  That said, we are happy to share that we are currently taking appropriate measures and arrangements to bring you all back inside our clinic starting July 19!

Our priority is to keep both our staff (and you!) safe so that we can continue to work together in caring for your pets. Even one sick employee significantly impacts our ability to do that!

As such, we need time to properly prepare for changing our workflow and adjusting our appointment times and schedules (some of which were booked 6 months ago!)  We appreciate how frustrating this year has been on so many levels and ask for your continued patience as we move through the process of opening our doors as soon as we can.

Please keep in mind that “in-person” appointments may not look the same as they did “pre-covid”.  We will continue to have you wait in the car until we call you.  At that time, our assistant will take a history over the phone, and subsequently meet you at the front door.  Our veterinarian will then meet you in an exam room for a physical exam on your pet and together with you create a care plan.  After that time- we’ll ask for you to return to your vehicle while we finish the appointment with your pet.  We are kindly asking that everyone continue to wear masks inside the clinic.

We know this is not quite “back to normal”, but with four doctors here to support you and our finite space allowances, we simply do not have the ability to allow everyone inside for all services. Tech appointments will continue to be offered curbside.  Medication pick-up will also continue to be curbside. 

Given our spacing constraints, we thought this would also be a great opportunity to announce that we have plans underway to create a new clinic space!  We are not yet free to disclose the location, but rest assured we are in the active process of this exciting undertaking.  As details become available, we look forward to sharing the updates! 

Once again, thank you so much for your continued support and understanding.

With gratitude,
The St Francis Animal Hospital Team